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MOT Testing near Bonnyrigg

A sign of any capable company is the ability to get the fundamentals right. Meadowfield Garage are experts in MOTs that are quick, affordable and convenient. For your benefit, if required, you are welcome to make use of our courtesy car service.

If replacement parts or repair works are needed, we’ll let you know right away and discuss just how much the repair work will come to – to avoid any nasty shocks and get you driving as swiftly as possible.

Schedule an MOT in advance and we will do it while you wait. Additionally, make the most of our pick up and drop off service – from just ₤45.

Call us today on 0131 454 0010 to book your vehicle in for an MOT.

Does my car need an MOT check?

If you own a car that has been on the road for over 3 years from brand new, the UK law says that you require to have an up to date MOT certificate for the vehicle.

To make certain that your vehicle is safe to remain on the road and satisfies the minimum DVSA safety benchmarks, a Ministry of Transport test (MOT) should be completed once annually by a certified MOT tester.

If you do not have an up to date MOT certificate for your car then you can not lawfully drive it on the road, you also will not be able to renew your road tax.

You don’t need to leave your MOT test to the expiration date indicated on your present MOT certificate, you can have your vehicle tested any time within 28 days prior to that date.

What does an MOT test involve?

An MOT check involves a DVSA licensed tester assessing and carrying out an in depth series of tests on your vehicle. The inspections are performed on the inner parts and outside, including in the engine bay and also the underneath of the vehicle to make sure that it’s in a safe and roadworthy state. A common misconception is that an MOT is the same as getting your vehicle serviced, however, this is not true. An MOT is just a series of tests to ensure that your car is in a safe condition. Servicing your vehicle maintains its mechanical state.

If each of the checks carried out on the vehicle throughout the MOT test are passed then you will be given a pass certificate (VT20). If your vehicle has passed the MOT, the tester is completely satisfied your vehicle is safe to be on the road.

One particular thing for you to be aware of is that the expiration date of your new MOT certificate is not twelve months from the date that your vehicle passed the test, it is actually 12 months from the expiration of your previous MOT certificate.

You may notice a list of parts or areas on car that are shown on the “Advisory Information” area of your new MOT certificate, these parts might require attention in the near future. If possible, any advisory items specified on the certificate should be examined by your mechanic and possibly replaced if required before the next MOT.

If your MOT tester conducts the tests and thinks that your car is not safe in its present condition then your vehicle will not pass the MOT. We’ll supply you with a list of reasons that your vehicle failed the test and issue you with a VT30 document. We will then review with you the necessary repairs needed to make your vehicle safe and also can book the vehicle in for the repairs to be carried out and re-tested.

Need To Find The Right Mot Tester? Read The Tips

Any MOT tester that fails to recognise that its customers are its most valuable asset is not likely to thrive. Any MOT testing station you’re considering should maintain an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. In your own role as a customer, you should feel that the companies you deal with are committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations. Here are some important points to consider when you’re looking for a business to provide the services you need.

Businesses should be grateful for the trust their customers have in them. To cultivate a successful relationship with customers, your business must be willing to evolve along with their changing needs and preferences. Anytime you step back and let your business techniques stagnate, you’ll risk seeing your customers go elsewhere.

Be really careful of hiring a business that provides an estimate for a job that seems too good to be true; unless the MOT tester is so new that it’s eager to build a reputation, the estimate may indicate poor quality work. However, a high quote doesn’t mean you are getting a better service. When you are comparing estimates, it’s best to go with a business that provides a moderate quote for the work you need done.

Avoid signing a legally binding contract with a service provider unless you are convinced that it’s one with integrity. An ethical service provider can be trusted to present you with quality work at the agreed upon price. Integrity also means that the MOT tester readily fixes any blunders made.

When selecting a MOT tester, attempt to find out what their core values are and whether they operate the business accordingly. The services offered and dress code can provide you with valuable insight into how the MOT testing station functions. In almost any business transaction, both the customer and the seller should benefit from the relationship. To feel like you’re getting the most from your relationship with a MOT garage, check to see if you agree with the way the MOT testing station operates.

Any event you’re planning will go extremely well if you work with a local, respected MOT tester to diligently manage it. Do not just look online for reviews of the businesses you’re considering; contact previous clients to solicit their opinions. The local chamber of commerce is another resource for learning about a MOT testing station.

A business with a strong base of loyal customers can usually weather bad economic times. Building customer loyalty takes a deep understanding of what customers need, want, and expect. It will require concerted effort to earn the loyalty of customers and build strong relationships with them.

As with any relationship between people, the relationships you have with your customers are complex and require careful attention to detail. It requires careful attention to details, including changing economic conditions and customer expectations. Changes in the external environment are not any excuse for failing to live up to customer expectations.

What Our Customers Say...

I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Meadowfield Garage ltd.
Ian and his team have maintained my fleet of vehicles for the past 3 years and the services provided have always been exemplary.

From planned, pre-arranged, services and MOTs, to unplanned mechanical breakdowns – the team at Meadowfield have always delivered.

David Mills
General Manager, Scotland / The Bishop’s Move Group

We have been customers of Meadowfield for 6 years. We run a fleet of seven commercial vehicles each do high mileage, day and night. The level of service afforded to us by Meadowfield is nothing short of exceptional, they just never let us down. They make a point in keeping our vans in excellent mechanical condition.

Their mechanics are highly trained and have the knowledge in all types of vehicles. Value for money, reliability, trust, passionate about their work…..that’s Meadowfield!

Peter Ford
Director / The Premium Bakery

I chose Meadowfield due to the offer of bonus Tesco points, however now that I have had experience of service from this family run business, I would most certainly not hesitate to use them in the future. I was attended to by a polite, courteous mechanic and was offered either to wait for the tyres to be replaced or to come back within a short time. I chose the first and sat in their bright, little cabin while the job was carried out. Every now and again someone popped in, always with a friendly smile. After about 40 mins, another friendly face came in to tell me the job was finished and I was ready to go – not only new tyres fitted but also ‘perfectly balanced! Excellent customer service. Thank you Meadowfield, one very satisfied customer here.

Lorraine M

Friendly, trustworthy, reliable,skilled and most of all very helpful – nothing is too much for this team as regards going the extra mile for a customer. I recommend Ian and his team, this is simply the best service I have experienced in some 30 years of motoring. Beyond compare.

Mick Rae

I think this must be the friendliest and best independent garage I’ve ever been to. Knowledgeable, eager to do a great job at a fair price. No wonder they are busy!

Steve Towle

Ian and his guys have been repairing my company’s 5 vans and 2 cars for the last few years now, nothing is too much hassle and always a quick turn around from the team.

Stuart Hill
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